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Quick Appointments - Bulk Billed!

We now offer patients the opportunity to have quick items attended to in a brief appointment we call Quick Appointments.  This bulk-billed service will allow patient to request:

  • Repeat prescriptions (not new medication)
  • Re-referrals to specialists (not new referrals)
  • Immunisation (excluding travel vaccination)

You will be able to obtain a Quick Appointment appointment at designated times every weekday.  You do not need to see your usual doctor for this service.  If your health needs are more complex, the Quick Clinic doctor will ask you to make a standard appointment with your usual doctor.  There is no out of pocket expense for this service.

Requests for repeat prescriptions and re-referrals can still be made by telephone without seeing a doctor.  Your doctor requires 24 hours notice and a fee of $21 applies.  This fee can not be claimed from Medicare.

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