Romsey & Lancefield Medical Centre - We Care for Your Health

Your feedback is important to us!

Please feel free to complete our online feedback survey. We continually seek and respond to feedback from our patients regarding the services we provide and identifying areas for improvement. On a periodic basis we use formal and validated patient feedback tools to assess our services in more detail.

We are delighted that our most current patient feedback indicates a very high level of satisfaction with most areas of practice operation.

To address the areas where improvement will enhance our patient experience, we provide additional information:

  • Accessing care outside the practice's normal opening hours

We provide a doctor on-call until 8pm every weeknight and until 6pm on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays when the clinic is closed. Click here for further information about accessing after hours medical care.

  • Obtaining advice by telephone

Contacting your doctor or the duty nurse by telephone is facilitated when a consultation is not required. Click here for further information about obtaining telephone advice.

  • Waiting times

We are aware that at times patients need to wait some time after their allocated appointment to see their doctor. This happens for a number of reasons including patients requiring more time than booked and unexpected medical emergencies.

Our standard appointments are 12 minutes which is longer than most clinics offer, however, if you have multiple or complex issues to discuss we recommend booking a double appointment. All doctors offer appointment lengths to suit your requirements.

We keep our patients informed of longer waiting times when we know that your doctor is running behind time and will gladly reschedule an appointment if you are unable to wait.

  • Health Promotion and Illness Prevention

We regularly display information on our waiting room notice board regarding preventative health topics eg; Smoking, Nutrition, Alochol, Physical Activity .  Please feel free to take any of the brouchures and resources available in our waiting rooms  to assist you in making informed decision about your health outcomes.


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