Romsey & Lancefield Medical Centre - We Care for Your Health

We Care for your Health

We are a group of doctors supported by a team of friendly and skilled nurses, receptionists, allied health professionals and medical specialists.  We strive to provide you with a superior standard of professional health care and medical services.  How do we achieve this?  By providing a quality service framework centred on:

  • Working with health professionals who are not only highly skilled and experienced, but also friendly and easy to communicate with
  • Minimum 12 minute appointments for standard consultations
  • Allowing more booked time when appropriate
  • Maintaining urgent and emergency appointments that can only be booked on the day of consultation, ensuring that when you are unwell unexpectedly, you can still be seen on the day and likely with your preferred doctor
  • Providing a range of medical, specialist and allied health services locally, on-site
  • Fully computerized health records that allow doctors to quickly source information about your previous health care with us
  • Support for  professional development for all staff, ensuring skills and knowledge are up to date
  • Using modern facilities and equipment to provide safe and effective health care
  • Responding to your feedback by Bulk Billing ALL children under 16


As a teaching practice, we train, supervise and support both medical students and post-graduate doctors completing their General Practice Specialist training.  This helps to foster an interest in both rural lifestyle and rural medical practice and works towards maintaining high standards of health care available to rural communities.

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