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Romsey Medical receives top Accreditation honour!

In June 2016 we received the award of accreditation for the fifth time, recognising excellence in the provision of safe, timely and respectful care.  Assessment areas included:

  • clinical systems
  • health record managment
  • sterilization and infection control
  • vaccine management
  • human resources
  • qualifications and ongoing professional development of staff
  • management of IT systems

Whereas most practices are required to amend processes or procedures to be deemed compliant, Romsey Medical has always scored full marks first time, every time - a testament to the outstanding teamwork of all the staff.

Comments from the Surveyors

'The Practice is commended for having a defibrillator and other equipment such as a vascular doppler on-site"

"Longer consultations are readily available and are encouraged when appropriate"

 "This Practice takes great pride in its delivery of services and the response from patients reflects this"

"Excellent programs for the management of patients with chronic conditions"

"Excellent use of electronic document management"

"Outstanding induction program for new doctors and staff"

"Extensive range of brochures and educational material is available for patients"

"Patients are provided with extensive information and are actively encouraged to participate in the management of their health care"

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